Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Home Sweet

We have been home since Feb.5th and all is well. Maryna is in the middle of her 3rd week of school. She is doing great, I can tell her teachers really enjoy her too. They have installed Rosetta Stone in all her class's and have the children learning Ukraine. They have been wonderful to her, she really likes school.

She is speaking English very clearly and adds new words daily. We bought her a bicycle and also a hamster, filled her closet with clothes and now she is taking the world by storm and loving every minute of it. She laughs giggles, and . teases allot! Steve is amazing with her, I am just in awe of their relationship. We just crack up when she tries to pronounce new words it priceless. She has a personality that will not quit until her goal is accomplished. She is an amazing artist too, if Ukraine had any idea of what an outstanding young lady she is they would have never released her.

Maryna loves Policeman and Dog the bounty hunter.( Bad Boys Bad Boys what ya gonna do,what ya gonna do when they come for you ) is her favorite song . Today she had Steve write the words down and then she practiced singing it! She thinks animals of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, including lizards. We are just having so much fun with her and feel very Blessed that God chose us to parent her. Thank You God!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Visa Day

Today it is Monday and we went to the American Embassy to apply for Marynas Visa. It went quickly only took two hours. Tomorrow return there again for interview and will actually get the Visa.

Steve stayed up all night and watched Super Bowl, He's a little tired and disappointed today. Maryna is adjusting very well. Very happy little girl smiles a bunch and likes to hide around corners and jump out. Reminds me of my Dad. Steve calls her his little carrot and she calls him Monkey. I can tell she is starting to trust us. I have been very careful to give her space and privacy as much as possible in a one bedroom apartment. We watch allot of Christian television I like the idea of her hearing the word so much. Its like the washing of the water of the word . Even though she doesn't understand English completely.

I bought her a book with English and Ukrainian words, pictures, phonetics it really helpful. She works on it allot between Nintendo DS lite rounds. She likes to say BIG FINISH when she's mastered the game,little finish when not. I have learned she likes Tomato Juice,lemon Juice,strawberry yogart, choc cereal, and her first reaction to a hot dog was hilarious. We explained its not really a dog! I am having fun learning all these new particulars about her,its only the beginning.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Almost Finished

We are still in Kiev waiting on Marynas Passport to come. It is suppose to arrive today, that would mean a quick exit. After we have that in hand we can get her physical and Visa which only takes couple of days. We are all very anxious to get home.

As we wait we have been sight seeing. We went to the Monks Monastery which is gigantic and beautiful. It is like a city in its self. Hugh Cathedral's and museum like displays of articles from different centuries and clothing from 3 and 4 BC and AD. Caves and all kinds of antiques, crowns, jewels. Then we went to the museum of WW2 it was very awesome and interesting and sad. The coolest thing was this statue of a woman no one thought was a big deal but me I thought it was the best of all. Our tour was 6 hours of walking nonstop, so today we rest.

We are enjoying our new addition to our family, she is getting more comfortable with us, Steve is so good with her. She is happiest when we are just sitting around playing a game.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Your Honor

Our Judge was so sensitive to Maryna, very proper and thourough yet kind and gentle,tuned into her every reaction and emotions before, during and after court. All Judges should be so kind.

When the Judge ask my husband what Marynas name was he mistakenly said in Ukraine Maryna Carrot, so much for Steves attempt at speaking Ukraine. That became the running Joke that brought about laughter at the most intense court moments.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a send off!

This is very note worthy, When Maryna left the Orphanage her friend Geena a 14 year old boy, walked her to the car and carried her luggage, put her in the car and shook her hand. Then ran along the side of the car until he ran out of road. He then ran throught fields dived head first over brush, jumped fences and finally stood with his arms wide open as to say I have done all I can. It was straight out of romance novel, Maryna was stunned. What a guy, What a send off.

Mission Accomplished

We are now in Kiev at the wonderful apartment we started in, after yesterdays 9 hour car ride to finish all the necessary paper work. Then a party at our host house, followed by a 6 hour train ride. WHEW!

Now we will need passport,physical and visa, so the rest our time will be spent in Kiev. I hope to show Maryna all the wonderful sights in her country, there are amazing monuments all around kiev.

Thank you for all your prayers it is truely a miracle that we would be this far this fast. Maryna is an amazing girl, I cant wait to see her flourish in America. Our facilitators were amazing, Our drivers the best, Even though the trip was hard we were surrounded with the best. God has been so wonderful to us,we are so grateful, He is a Good Good GOD!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Its a Girl !!!

We have her she all ours!! Today court ,the Judge was amazing we had much favor with the courts. Tomorrow we are off to her home town for birth certificate and then kiev to finish up.

We are extremely happy and I dont want to spend much time typing because I need to go play with my new daughter.Bye for Mama and Papa and daughter.