Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet Home Sweet

We have been home since Feb.5th and all is well. Maryna is in the middle of her 3rd week of school. She is doing great, I can tell her teachers really enjoy her too. They have installed Rosetta Stone in all her class's and have the children learning Ukraine. They have been wonderful to her, she really likes school.

She is speaking English very clearly and adds new words daily. We bought her a bicycle and also a hamster, filled her closet with clothes and now she is taking the world by storm and loving every minute of it. She laughs giggles, and . teases allot! Steve is amazing with her, I am just in awe of their relationship. We just crack up when she tries to pronounce new words it priceless. She has a personality that will not quit until her goal is accomplished. She is an amazing artist too, if Ukraine had any idea of what an outstanding young lady she is they would have never released her.

Maryna loves Policeman and Dog the bounty hunter.( Bad Boys Bad Boys what ya gonna do,what ya gonna do when they come for you ) is her favorite song . Today she had Steve write the words down and then she practiced singing it! She thinks animals of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, including lizards. We are just having so much fun with her and feel very Blessed that God chose us to parent her. Thank You God!!!

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